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My Head for a Cure, Journey to Conquer Cancer
by Robert Jesus.
My life was normal, I was 38 yrs old, married with 3 great kids and always busy running from work to the kids soccer games and a myriad of other activities they had on the go. I was always tired, but I thought it was just spending too much time at work and not getting enough rest throughout the week. Until one day I remember being in the garage and having a wrench in my hand and it just dropped right to the floor. This happen a few times that day, so my wife told me to go inside and rest, figuring I was just tired. After a few days at work I still felt off and I decided to drive myself to the nearby hospital and try to explain the way I was feeling. I sat at the hospital for hours and after telling the doctor about my symptoms, they decided to do an MRI, I was worried but I didn’t want my wife or family to worry, so I kept it to myself.
All I remember on March 31st, 2012 was being in the room with a doctor telling me I have a brain tumor and thinking- that’s it, I am dead! I called my wife and told her to meet me at the hospital and she came right away. When I told her the news, she and I both cried.
Life changed that day for us with a series of doctor appointments, many medications and a whole new language that we were so unfamiliar with. My surgery was done on April 2012 following treatment with medication, radiation and chemo; along with many other appointments at doctors offices and hospitals and follow up MRI’S. Not every appointment was a good one, I would always hope for good news, however that was not always to be. After starting a new drug, hoping this was my miracle drug and would keep the tumor sleeping, it did just that. My life was different yet again, I had lost most of the feeling in one arm and my foot plus my leg was not functioning as it should.
Now I was walking with a cane and a leg brace which made life hard for me, I was not able to do normal everyday things. I was so sad and would sit most days in a chair and not want to do much activity.
One day while at physio, the therapist said to me to enjoy my life and my family and try and make the most of the things I could still do.That stuck in my head and I tried to go for a walk outside, I was only able to walk to my neighbours’ driveway and back but I kept going and then would walk to the 2nd neighbours’ house and back, I kept trying three times a day until I was able to go to the end of my street and back. My body was hurting as I was using muscles I didn’t think I still had. I would sweat and be exhausted after, but I felt accomplished.
I knew I wanted to do more and go further and push myself. I invested in a good pair of running shoes and great workout music and as I walked, I secretly started tracking my distance every day.
Life was our new normal again and while visiting PMH, I saw a table set up for the Journey to Conquer Cancer-1,3 or 5km run or walk and I turned to my wife and said, “I am going to do it!”. She said okay we can do the 1km with the kids, but I told her my goal was to do the 5km and I􀀀 was determined to do it. Every day I would walk, even in the cold and rain all along listening to my music with my 5km goal in my mind. I had my heart set on it and only my wife and kids knew I was doing this race. This race had even more meaning to me because it was being held on Fathers day. I wanted to do this for my dad who lost his battle with colorectal cancer 5 years prior to me being diagnosed with my brain cancer.
I would visit The Pencer Centre often, not only the patients but thedoctors, nurses and the staff, who have given care and hope to anyone going through this hard life we have. I was thrilled to have my 3 kids; Lauren 17, Sophia 13 and Mason 7 and my wife Sharon tell me they were walking with me and for me!
Race day was exciting and scary I was ready to do this and knew I could as I had been practicing every day for months. I started the race with my family beside me and my music in my ears with the hope that I could accomplish my goal. It was hard but every step closer I took to the finish line was worth it, I felt accomplished that I did it! I still walk almost every day as I want to keep what I have with the hope that I can gain more strength to continue this long journey with my family by my side and I’m now back “in training” for this year’s walk!
See you all at Head for a Cure 2018!

Maureen Daniels
Coordinator, The Gerry & Nancy Pencer Brain Tumor Centre
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Head for a Cure Participant Since 2003

For almost 18 years I have had the privilege to work at The Pencer Brain Tumor Centre.  Every day I am inspired and amazed by the strength and courage our patients and families display as they live with their brain tumour diagnosis.  I am equally touched by the energy and dedication that my colleagues put into helping our patients and families.
Our Patient & Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) continues to work tirelessly at organizing our Head for a Cure  5K walk, in order to raise funds to support a variety of programs and services that are unique to The Pencer Centre.
I am so pleased to be able to participate in this event!  If you would like to make a donation to my fundraising efforts, I would be very grateful.  Simply follow the link to my personal fundraising page. 
With thanks and gratitude,

Sonia Silva
Administrative Assistant, The Gerry & Nancy Pencer Brain Tumor Centre
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Head for a Cure Participant Since 2015

I am participating in the Journey to Conquer Cancer- Run or Walk and raising funds for The Gerry & Nancy Pencer Centre Brain Tumor Centre at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre on June 19, 2016.
I have been working at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre for approximately 18 years.  I have made many connections with patients but I have never been truly amazed until I joined The Gerry & Nancy Brain Tumor Centre.  I talk to patients' on a daily basis and I am truly amazed to see how much perseverance these patients have.  They keep fighting every day and it's amazing to see.
My way of giving back is by joining the Head for a Cure Walk!  I hope my contribution can make a difference in their lives like they have in mine.
Thank you for supporting me!



Bonnie Anderson
Team: Andy’s Champions
Head for a Cure Participant Since 2008

In March of 2006, Andy began experiencing balance issues, something that was unusual for a man who was an avid sports enthusiast and loved activity. Andy was an award winning professor at OISE, University of Toronto with a passionate devotion to teaching. His research projects on health promoting schools took him around the world and he was known as a leader in his field. Andy's motto was that "Every child is a champion", a pronouncement that every child has special, unique talents. Further tests revealed it was a brain tumor a diagnosis that turned our lives upside down. 

Accepting this illness was extremely difficult. Luckily, Andy was referred to the Pencer Centre at Princess Margaret Hospital. On one of our darkest days we sought out more information at the center. There, we entered a beautiful, calm and peaceful area with welcoming staff. Meeting Maureen Daniels, Coordinator of the Pencer Centre, who was able to speak frankly with us and yet, give us hope to carry on was timely. To us, it felt like we had been rescued briefly from the storm.
In October 2006, Andy participated in the Head For A Cure Walk/Run as we cheered him on. It was his way of not letting the disease define him. Andy's belief was about "Care for self, care for others and care for the environment." and it was a statement that he lived his life by. Andy lost his courageous battle with cancer in August of 2007. We had lost our "Champion, a giant to all who knew him." To carry on his legacy a team of family and friends was created, aptly named "Andy's Champions".