The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Leadership Program was created to engage and empower children to take action towards our goal to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime!

Through participating in this program, Student Ambassadors will learn about cancer research, community, leadership, and empathy, and how YOU can make a difference!

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Attend the first Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Leadership Conference on May 15th, 2018

Receive a behind the scenes tour of The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 

Listen to world renowned doctors and cancer patients about the impact that fundraising has on their cancer journey

Meet like-minded students and participate in leadership activities

Learn how to create a fundraiser, utilizing different skill sets

Lunch will be provided


  • Present to your school about what you learned at The Leadership Conference
  • Create a fundraiser for your school and community! The funds will be attributed towards your school’s team fundraising goal for The Journey To Conquer Cancer
  • Encourage all students and community members to walk with you at The Journey To Conquer Cancer on June 17th, 2017.
  • Receive an official Leadership Certificate from The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

“Princess Margaret Cancer Centre looks forward to continued leadership as Personalized Cancer Medicine becomes the gold standard for patients here in Canada and around the world.”

 Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Medical Director, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre


1K, 3K, 5K Run or walk

Kids 12 and under are free

Support any area of cancer research, clinic, lab, fund or patient care programs

No fundraising minimums

Dogs are welcome

Kids Zone and Route Entertainment

Breakfast and t-shirt provided with registration


If you are interested in being a Student Ambassador, but the Leadership Conference on May 15th, 2018 has passed. Do not worry, YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE in The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Leadership Program!

Your school can walk together in The Journey To Conquer Cancer on June 17th, 2018!

We are ALWAYS looking for Student Ambassadors to host their own fundraising events, create awareness in their community and encourage friends, families and students to walk or run in the event!

Having your school participate in The Journey To Conquer Cancer, will guarantee a placement in The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Leadership Conference in 2019!


“When we find out that someone has cancer, you want to help them and often there isn’t much you can do, you’re a bystander. When you do the Journey To Conquer Cancer, you are doing something about cancer and that makes a difference.”

– Michelle Saunders, mother, participant, survivor


Lessons to incorporate in the classroom from The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Leadership Program.


– Highlight various leaders throughout history that have faced adversity, and how they overcame obstacles to create change.
– The importance of standing up for a cause you believe in
– How to work together, using everyone’s different strengths to achieve goals


– What is a community? (A collection of people that share a common interest, background or purpose, which unites them)
– The importance of community
– How to encourage people within your community, to help Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime!


– Healthy Living: The importance of living a healthy lifestyle can decrease your chance of developing certain cancers. How a healthy lifestyle can help a patient during treatment and recovery.
– Mental and emotional health is equally important as physical health
– Immunotherapy: The use of one’s own immune system destroy cancer cells
– The importance of research, always ask questions and challenge the status quo.
– Doctors are not just trying to cure cancer, but help make treatment more manageable for patients to live with


– The ability to understand the feelings of others
– How to create a support system
– The power of listening



– Marketing: How to create posters, announcements and presentations that attract attention
– Creative: The process of going from ideas to execution, how to create break a large task into smaller manageable pieces.



Why should your child get involved?
This is an experiential learning opportunity for your child that they will remember and possibly shape their future decisions. Seeing where the money raised through The Journey To Conquer Cancer goes, and how it affects patients wellbeing is both gratifying and inspiring

How you can get involved?
Join The Journey To Conquer Cancer! Register to walk or run with your child’s school team. Invite your friends and family (furry friends as well) to support your son or daughter’s initiate, with your support they will gain confidence that they will carry with them in the future.

Fundraising Tips
Click Here to learn 10 Tips for Fundraising Success!


Why your school should get involved?
This opportunity will help further sparks students’ interest learning in the classroom, by seeing where education can lead you in the future.

Join the other schools taking action to help Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime! Allow your school to be a leader for others and see the benefits among both your students and those around you personally affected by cancer.

Your students look up to YOU AS A LEADER, your support on their journey will create a close and meaningful relationship with your students.

Cancer does not discriminate, it affects everyone; students, families and faculty.


If you are a student, parent, teacher, principal and would like to get involved with The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Leadership Program or The Journey To Conquer Cancer…

Please contact:

Kate O’Friel at 416 – 946 – 4501 ex. 4345 or Kate.Ofriel@thepmcf.ca

We look forward to hearing from you!