As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we know these are uncertain times. At The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, our fundraising events are crucial to funding the fight against cancer. 

As a result, we’re excited to announce that the Journey to Conquer Cancer event will be happening this year – with a virtual twist! In order to follow social distancing guidelines and ensure we’re all staying safe, whether you’ve already registered for the Toronto, Mississauga or Vaughan event, or you're a new participant, the Journey to Conquer Cancer will be a virtual event on Sunday, October 4th.
As a virtual event, you can now safely run or walk your 5K, 3K or 1k distance anywhere… all while continuing to raise critical funds for cancer research! Although we can’t physically be together, by sharing your experience through our online community, together we can make a difference!

As always, our commitment is to Conquer Cancer in our Lifetime, and we thank you for partnering with us in this mission. 

Is the Journey to Conquer Cancer cancelled? 
No.  The Journey has gone virtual and will take place on Sunday, October 4th.  This means that you can complete your walk or run wherever you'd like and join us at our live virtual opening and closing ceremonies on our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/Journey2CC/) the day of and share your experience with friends, family, loved ones, and other cancer supporters through our online community event experience.  Our fundraisers, and the support from participants, donors and sponsors, are critical to continuing our ground-breaking cancer research and care so we can fund our fight to Conquer Cancer in our Lifetime. 

Can I still continue to fundraise for the Journey to Conquer Cancer? 
Of course! We encourage you to continue fundraising to help fund our fight to conquer cancer. Your support is vital in helping us fund world-leading cancer research and care at The Princess Margaret.
We also have a new fund option you can choose to put your donations towards: Conquer COVID for Cancer fund. We recognize that the ever-changing Coronavirus crisis has significantly impacted all of us and you may be looking for ways to offer your support. Conquer COVID for Cancer offers an opportunity to fundraise and support cancer patients and frontline staff in three key areas: 

- life-enhancing technology,
- accelerated research and clinical trials,
​- urgent resources for frontline staff

You can visit www.thepmcf.ca/covid for more information on this exciting initiative, which will support the needs of cancer patients and frontline staff right now, while ensuring we are collectively better prepared for the future.

What happens to the funds I’ve raised if I can’t attend the new virtual date?
As you know, fundraising is vital to helping fund the fight against cancer. Our experience is that if someone is unable to take part in an event, their supporters will understand that the money they donated will still continue to fund vital cancer research and care at The Princess Margaret. For this reason, funds donated would be utilized this year toward your fund area of choice.

Where can I learn more about the virtual event being held?
Head to our Event Details page for more information on how to join us virtually. We want to enable participants to fundraise and complete the distance they signed up for within their own neighbourhood. Stay tuned for more updates via e-mail, social media and on our website. 

Do I need to prove to you that I ran or walked my 5k, 3k, or 1k distance
This year, without us having a live physical event, we are operting on the honour system.  We also encourage you to track your route through the Strava App (which records your distance on your phone via GPS and allows you to share it by joining our Journey to Conquer Cancer Strava Club.  If you can't join the app or our club, not to worry, you are free to do the run or walk as you see fit and there's no need to prove that you participated - we trust you!

I would still like to make a donation, but the date of the event has passed (October 4th).  Can I still donate to the 2020 event?
With this year's event taking place in the fall of 2020 on October 4th, we have decided to extend the deadline to receive donations for the 2020 Journey up until December 31st, 2020. 


Take a look at the most popular questions we get asked.  If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us at: 

runorwalk@thepmcf.caor at our Run or Walk Hotline: 416-946-6584 (9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday).


Q: Where does the money from The Journey to Conquer Cancer Run or Walk go?
A:  Each participant can decide what area they would like to support with their hard earned donations.  We have over 108 areas of research, patient care and programs available to support and if you don’t see the one you are looking for on the list give us a call at 416-946-6584 or email us at runorwalk@thepmcf.ca and we’ll add it for you.
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